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September 28-October 2
Our focus this week shifts to the Revolutionary War and South Carolina's role in and response to it. We will also look into the impact of the French-Indian War as a contributing factor in the colonial unrest and antagonism towards England.
monday 28--textbook group activity on up/low country tensions and pre-Revolutionary South Carolina
tuesday 29--French-Indian War worksheets (I will be chaperoning a field trip with 1/2 of the 8th graders)
wednesday 30--continue 9/29 activity (i will be back, but 1/2 of the 8th graders will be on a trip)
thursday 1--pre-Revolutionary South Carolina
friday 2--QUIZ on French-Indian War and review of week's activities
September 21-25
8-1.6 Compare the development of representative government in South Carolina to representative government in the other colonial regions, including the proprietary regime, the period of royal government, and South Carolina’s Regulator Movement.
monday 21--students are to turn in for a HOMEWORK grade the worksheet from 9/18 (had been started in class on the 18th) We will be analyzing the "Up/lowcountry conflicts" that arose in the colony.
tuesday 22--powerpoint SC slavery; review work assigned sept 18-21
wednesday 23--QUIZ on material reviewed on 9/22
thursday 24--comparison of SC colonial government to other colonies
friday 25--Revolutionary War beginnings
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